Every iOS device includes auto-correct and predictive text features, which try to make sure you spell words correctly. These are great for most general writing, but are a problem when using complex industry specific terms.

This short guide will help you train autocorrect to handle the vocabulary of your industry. It is useful for enterprise users, medical practitioners, educators and anyone else who needs to use non-standard vocabulary.

Covfefe what you type

Metalanguage is a word. It basically describes the language we use to talk about language. The word ‘adjective’ is a metalanguage word. The term is also used to describe industry-specific words, such as ‘omnichannel’ in retail, or ‘handoff’ on a Mac. The problem with the spelling dictionaries included in iOS is that they while they are pretty accurate for most common words, they have no idea at all about industry-specific words, such as ‘covfefe’.

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